Oil & Filter Changes

Full synthetic LiquiMoly (up to 5L) and German-made filter.

Oil & Filter Changes in Stratford, Ontario

At our automotive service center, we understand the importance of maintaining your vehicle and keeping it running smoothly for as long as possible. One of the key aspects of this is ensuring that your car’s engine is properly lubricated with high-quality motor oil. In recent years, full-synthetic oil has become the preferred choice of many vehicle owners due to its superior performance and longer lifespan compared to conventional motor oil. As such, we take great care in performing full-synthetic oil changes to ensure that your vehicle’s engine receives the best possible treatment.

First and foremost, we always use high-quality full-synthetic oil that is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. This ensures that the oil is compatible with your car’s engine and provides optimal performance. We also make sure to use the correct viscosity rating as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure that the oil flows properly throughout the engine.

Before beginning the oil change, we thoroughly inspect the vehicle to identify any potential issues or concerns. This includes checking the oil level, looking for leaks or other signs of damage, and inspecting the oil filter for any signs of wear or clogging. If we notice any problems, we will bring them to your attention and make recommendations for necessary repairs.

During the oil change process, we take great care to prevent any contamination of the new oil. This means using clean and properly sized tools to remove the old oil and filter, and thoroughly cleaning the drain plug and oil filter housing before installing the new filter and filling the engine with fresh oil. We also take the time to properly torque the drain plug to prevent any oil leaks.

After completing the oil change, we always perform a visual inspection of the engine to ensure that there are no leaks or other issues. We also check the oil level to ensure that it is at the proper level, and we reset the oil change reminder if your vehicle is equipped with one.

In addition to providing top-quality full-synthetic oil changes, we also provide additional services to help keep your vehicle running smoothly. This includes regular maintenance services like tire rotations, brake inspections, and fluid checks, as well as more complex repairs as needed. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing excellent service to our customers and keeping their vehicles in top condition.

In conclusion, a good automotive service center will take great care in performing full-synthetic oil changes to ensure that your vehicle’s engine receives the best possible treatment. This includes using high-quality oil and filters, thoroughly inspecting the vehicle before beginning the oil change, preventing any contamination of the new oil, and performing a visual inspection after completing the oil change. By choosing a reputable service center for your full-synthetic oil changes, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in good hands and will continue to perform at its best.

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